Placement Papers: Zensar 17th March 2007 Jaipur

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  2. INTERVIEW (HR & TECH.) First of all they conducted aptitude test. Atitude test contains these sectoins.





These sections in paper contains 80 questions and duration was 80 mins. We have to do each section in 20 minus. We coudnt move to next section before 20 mins. And once a section completed we coudn't go back. There was sectional cutoff. Some of the sample questions.

which is suitable combination simmilar to-pesticide: Crop: Antiseptic:

It is a long time____i saw my friend who lives…………… His parents……… He neighbouring town.

Other questions of selecting suitable words and also 3 questions based on one small passage. It was very easy one.

If ratio of milk and water in one container is 3: 5 and in another is 1: 2 they mixed togeher then what is ratio of milk and water?

Dimension of a room is 5 * 8 meters. Room floor is covered by carpet by leaving space 4cm from walls. If carpet is 18rs. Per meter then total cost?

It also contains questions related to tabulaion, distance and time, work percentage, profit and loss. R. S. AGGARWAL is more then sufficient. It is time consuming part be fast otherwise will not be able to attend all the questions.

Simply based on venn diagram and selection of suitable statement. Refer R. S. AGGARWAL (verbal).

this section was complete technical so be prepare. It contains C, C + +, DBMS, RBMS and general computer architecture.

This is all about written test. 66 students were selected out of 600. Unfortunatally i was not selected. After shortlisting these 66 students ppt held. They talk about company profile. Next day they called for Interview. They asked HR questions and also tested logical and technical skills.