Placement Papers: Zensar 8th Aug 2006 Kolkata

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

Aptitude Test of 80 minutes duration. It has four sections English, Quantitative, Verbal reasoning & Technical section which contained only C & C + +.

Number of questions in each section ranged between 20 − 25. In all there was 86 questions in my paper where as other sets had between 80 to 90. There was no negative marking. There was no sectional cut-off but there were sectional time limits of 20 minutes each. U r only allowed moving on to the next section only when the time of a section was up:

Technical & HR interview. For some there were separate interviews others had it one. There were two member panels.


In the English section there were standard GRE type questions i.e., Synonyms [ Words which mean closest to the following], Antonyms which had words like lucid.

Sumptuous, censure etc. There were also analogy questions [ which of the following best illustrates a relationship similar to the given relation]. This part had questions like carpenter: Saw then what: There was also passage of about 200 word length on African & European arts which contained some tough sentences. Each of the above types had 4 − 5 questions. Anyone who is acquainted with GRE Baron's will be able to do most of the questions.

Next section was Quantitative. This was the easiest section. Most of the questions were from RS Agarwal book. Anyone who has practiced that book can easily do 17 − 18 of 22 odd questions.

Then there was easily the toughest section in reasoning. This is mainly bcoz the questions were lengthy & it was difficult to do in 20 minutes. It had data interpretation from bar charts, puzzle. It also had arrangement problem with certain conditions given. It was like among P, Q, R & S, T, U only Q & S can drive. They were going by a car in which people sat in two rows. No group member sits beside member of same group. There were certain other conditions given & situations based on which u had to find sitting arrangements. Then there was a question on order of events-In a certain refresher course 6 subjects r taught. There were conditions given & u had to find order in which the subjects were taught. RS Agarwal verbal reasoning book needs to be practiced well for this section.

The last section was Technical. It mainly had small but tricky pieces of code given in C & C + + & u had to predict the output. This was mainly there to check the logical concepts. Most of it u'll find on books like test ur C skills & exploring C by kanetkar.

The cut-off marks were not announced. But as sectional cut-off was not there, the feeling one got was that a score of around 50 − 55 [out of 86] will clinch it for u. From 350 + aspirants from 8 colleges they selected 40 for the interview in the next day. I was among those selected.


On the next day they gave a detailed PPT before the start of the interview process. They also give u a form to fill up. U also need to bring 2 copies of ur CV as they'll take one copy of the CV along with the form. All candidates were given call numbers. Those with odd call numbers faced one panel & the evens faced the other panel. The duration of interviews ranged from 15 to as much as 45 minutes.

In the interview Firstly I was asked about how my test was. Later I got to know that many were asked this innocuous looking but potentially dangerous question first up. I suggest however good ur test may be, be a little reserved on this. Then they thoroughly grilled on C & C + +. Questions on c ranged from operators, to maximum size of arrays, linking of header files, compilation, assembler, pre-processor, the file inclusion, whether one can build a header file etc. In C + + they asked about OO concepts, encapsulation, abstraction, virtual functions & how they work, polymorphism, inheritance. In DBMS I was asked to name some commercial DBMS packages & whether MS Access was one. Also what normalization was & how it was done. Also what client server architecture was & to give a real life example of it. In DS I was asked about what queue how it worked & whether one could have a LIFO queue. Also what r single & double linked lists.

In the HR Interview they first of all they told me that I am giving u two minutes to sell urself to us. Thereafter they asked about me, my hobbies. They also asked what other campus processes I had attended & what had happened in them. Finally they asked whether I had any questions & I asked two questions.

Finally they announced the results half an hour after the process was over. They selected 21 candidates. I was selected as was 5 others from my batch. We were really happy for each other.

Prepare well & u can surely become a ZENSARian!