Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 10th May at Chandigarh

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hi friends

My name is gulzar singh, there is nothing difficult in iflex recruitment process. But it was big for me because I have got placed after 10 companies.

infosys, tech mahindra, perrot system, accenture, syntel, tata elxi, L & T ifotech, satyam etc.


there were 5 sections: 1. English 2. LR 3. Coding encoding 4. Puzzle test 5. Aptitude mathematics

I got 30 marks out of 50 marks. Each section 10 marks, 1 mark for right and. 25 mark deduct for wrong answer. So negative marking will be there.

Technical interview:

in technical interview he at beginning ask me my name about my family then one puzzle. After that I explain my projects or programs which I have made by myself. Ask questions from oops. Then he was really impressed by my knowledge. Even my English was not good. Then he went to hr interviewer and said him to place me in their company as this student is intelligent and from village so no good English.

HR interview:

in hr interview he asks me some simple and easy questions but he was told before to take my interview.

so friends at the last not the least I got placed. After so many companies. But one thing you have remember that if you would not be placed in one company then don't think that you r less. But try to find out the reason and try to improve yourself. This is very difficult to do but you to do it.

Best of Luck