Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 10th May

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Hi guys____its sanchit kapur from E. C. E Branch… i m selected in I-Flex solutions… Thanx to Jobduniya that i got an idea bout the pattern of the examination.

the paper contains 50 questions in all divided into 5 sections ( + 1 mark for each right answer and-0.25 for each wrong.)

Duration was 1 hour. And total of 6 sets____my set was 5th…… Total marks was 50 and cuttoff was 25 at our time (my score was 38, but my frnd secured 26 and he's also through)

1st section = Comprehension which contains 5 question on words comparison like if water: Glass then which of the foll. Suits the most to the situation… They were EASy questions.

next 5 questions were from passage reading… They were VERY EASY____

2nd section was data interpretation____R. S aggarwal (Quant) is sufficient for this section. They asked questions on pie chart and bar graphs…

3rd section was QUANT____no ned to worry bout this… It can be solved if u have good concentration… Questions were like

time b/w a → b = = 2 hrs

a → c = = 1.5 hrs…

b ⇒ = = 3 hrs…

and some data was given… Then we were asked 5 questions on the topic to solve… They r easy but time consuming

next 5 questions were also very easy, ____they can be solved on finger tips…

section 4 is of logical reasoning____

Question were very simple

questions on coding like if “like = qmfg” then “kiel” will be coded as? ANS = fmgq

rest questions on time and distance and clock angle____

last section was of simple quant and R. S Aggarwal is suffiecient for this section____you just need to manage your time………

Late night the result was declared at 11: 00 and by GOD's grace i cleared the written… We were called for the technical and H. R interview the next day at 9: 00 A. M…We had ppt for some hour an so and we were reqiured to fill up an application blank and have to submit a copy of latest resume____

At last i was called for technical interview at 9: 30 P. M (after 12 long hours____).

the lady was very very nice … She told me a bout herself and the product in which they deal… Then my interview started____

Intr: Diff. b/w synchoronous and asynchoronous systems

Me: Synchoronous uses clock and asynchoronous dont use clock…

Intr: What is micro processor____

Me: a clock drven multiprogrammable device____

Intr: Where have you done your training?

Me: I gave each and every detail of my profile during training and convinced her that i learnt something during my trainig.

then we just had some casuall talks regarding my family background and y i wanted to come onto the IT industry____ (i m a communication student)

HR was simple… They just check your attitute and confidence____just go in talk to them as if they are your friend…

TIP: Just be cool there they are just lookin for the ppl having confidence and ready to to do hard work____

the result was declared on the college web site next morning at 9: 30 and i was very happy to c my name in the final list of 72 selected students____

appeared = around 1000

cleared writeen = 199

finally selected = 72.

All the best for your exams and hope to c u at i-flex____