Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 16th May at Bangalore

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Hi friends, ____

I am from mechanical engineering background. I got into Iflex today. Thx to those cool interviewers. I will suggest you to know finance, banking very well before going to Interview.

Firstly there was aptitude test at 10PM. It was for 1 hour and had 50 questions with negative marking (so be careful, answer only those you know). I attempted 42 and scored 30 (Sneaked during HR interview!) It had same pattern as previous papers. Comprehension, data interpretation, logical reasoning, numerical analysis. It was the easiest one compared to infy, TCS, merit track papers.

After test we had PPT for 45 minutes. It ended at 12.30. Then they announced results at 1 pm. 65 got through. And i was 1 among them. Then we had to fill up the application forms.

Then interview started at 2.00. Technical interview was first. They called me in at 3.30. ALWAYS REMEMBER “first impression is the best impression” So they were expecting you to knock the door, ask permission. I was wearing cream shirt, black pant and black shoes (thats d best formals for any interview). Then i went in shook his hand and said “good afternoon, sir”

Int: Tell me abt urself

Me: Stammered a lot

Int: Ur family background

Me: (i realized that i had skipped to tell about my family background, i dunno whether he was listening to me or not coz he was writing down something)

Int: What r d subjects u r studying in this semester?

Me: (i dunno what stuck my head, that was totally unexpected 1, i told only 2 subjects, i was thinking god cmmon which r the remaining, then suddenly someone came in and gave the interviewer a cup of coffee. Thx god for sending him in Perfect timing).

I was still coninuing to tell 1 by 1. i said MECHATRONICS at last

Int: What did you studied in mechatronics?

Me: Sensors, transducers, actuactors, microprocessors sir

Int: Where r those microprocessors used in real life?

Me: They are used in ECUs of automobiles, washing machines, refrigerators. Sir

Int: Whats their role in refrigerators?

Me: (surely, i dint know the correct answer,) sir there will be some some sensors in refrigerator that will sense temperature inside the refrigerator, after sensing the temperature it will send the info to microprocessor. Microprocessor will compare it with desired temperature, if it is more or less, then it will increase or decrease the temperature inside the refrigerator

Int: How? how microprocessor reduce temperature?

Me: (Hoof! how? I thought whatever i may tell, right or wrong, lemme tell confidently) sir, microprocessor will reduce the voltage supplied to the cooler, so there will be less cooling and obviously temperature inside the refrigerator will increase.

Int: Solve this problem (he gave a sheet of paper, on it was this problem) 7 ltrs of water at 900c and 3 ltrs of water at 600c are mixed and what will be the final temperature at steady state (he then started to write comments on me on application form, i was acting like thinking, but actually i was looking at the comments he was writing down, he wrote good attitude, good? fair verbal skill)?

Me: (i wrote V1T1 = V2T2) around 75 − 80 sir.

Int: How?

Me: Coz water at 90c is more in quantity, so it doesnt reduce much.

Int: Wat if water at 60c is more?

Me: It will b come down to 65 − 70

Int: Wat if both r of same quantity?

Me: It will be around 70 − 75

Int: Ok, do u know C?

Me: s sir

Int: Where it is practically used?

Me: (remember I-flex provide solutions to banking domain only) sir, it can be used to find interest and to program many other banking related problems

Int: Calculate interest for Rs. 10k for 9months @ 5% RI

Me: (wrote down the formula SI = PTR/100, and solved it)

Int: If u r given to program a banking software, what r d things u r going to collect from customer?

Me: Told abt interest rate, period, principal amount

Int: Dont u ask his name first?

Me: (both laughed) s sir, i will ask his DOB, place, nationality, age, occupation. They are all primary things

Int: Do u have any questions?

Me: Asked him abt training

Then was HR round and lasted only for few seconds. The guy who gave PPT took me HR. He had said that we are looking for enthusiastic candidates during d PPT. When he called me out, i went in and he asked me to be seated. This is the time that i saw my aptitude test paper. Always keep a smile in HR interview. He came back n started seeing my application form

Int: y is it ur marks decreasing?

Me: I tried my level best sir… But____

Int: (angrily) c, dont give such answers yaar

Me: (dint say anything kept smiling)

Int: Whats d difference between C n C + +?

Me: Explained

Int: Any questions?

Me: (thats it?) ah. s… Sir. Again asked d dame question ant training and dragged it.

Int: Explained n said improve ur presentation skill.

Me: I will certainly do sir. When r u going to announce d results, sir?

Int: I will call you (! ) or i will inform placement officer, it was very nice talking to you, thx

Finally results were announced at 6pm, only 10 got through!