Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 21st Aug 2006 at BMS College of Engg Bangalore

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Hai friends.

We had I-Flex on 21st aug 2007 in BMSCE campus, Bangalore____

It is a very good company, it has its own banking product “FLEXCUBE” ORACLE holding its 53% stakes, but management holding from I-Flex itself____

Totally they had 3 rounds:


Tech + HR interview.

HR interview.

written test was divided into 5 sections, total 50marks____

NOTE: there was negative mark of 0.25 for each wrong ans, &1mark for each corrcet ans…

All 5 sections were mixed with verbal, logical reasoning, aptitude____

The pattern which we had was as follows:


  1. 1Q abt graph & equation

  2. 1Q on venn diagram

  3. 4Q's on logical reasoning (seating arrangement, sequential order of things etc. )

  4. 1 simple puzzle

  5. time sequencing 1Q

  6. arithmetic reasoning 1Q eg: a student got thrice as many sums wrong as he got right. If he attempted 50 sums in all, how many did he solve correctly?

  7. Data sufficiency 2Q

  8. number series 1Q

And remaining questions i dont remember exactly, some questions as usual from aptitude on:





time & distance.

profit & loss.

data interpretation.


Technical and HR

questions on C, puzzles in between, abt oth sub's related to ur branch (as i was from Industrial engg branch, they asked abt MIS, simulation…),

and oth's as usual HR questions

It was 30 mins for me____

HR interview:

it was very easy & they asked only simple questions which any one can answer, but i think so it was also elimination round____

This round was just for 7mins or so____

Finally d statistics:

around 200 wrote d test from 2 colleges.

23 cleared written.

finally 8 got selected, in which my name was also there____!