Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 22ND Aug 2008

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There are 2 sections

Section A logical reasoning and aptitude 40 questions

Section B verbal 20 questions

Sectional cutoff was there and negative marks for wrong answers

Section A

  1. If HOST is coded as IPTU, POST is coded as?

  2. some simple decoding question

  3. 10, 11, 18, 37, 74, ans: 135

  4. if length of the rectangle is reduced by 25%, by how much percent should the breadth be increased to maintain the same area

  5. A path of width 3m is laid down along the perimeter of a square plot of area 180 sq. m. It cost rs 2.50 for 1 sq. m. How much will it cost for the path to be laid down?

  6. some questions on blood relations (refer RS. Agarwal it was simple)

  7. A, B, C share the amount of rs 250 in the ratio 13: 10: 17 what is C's share?

  8. B knows A's birthday falls between 20th October and 7th November. But C knows that A's birthday is after 30th October and does not fall in November. Obviously find A's birth date

  9. 2 figures were given and we have to find what image we'll get when those 2 are overlapped. Four options were given.

  10. a simple figure was given and find the side view. Four options were given

  11. a circle is drawn inside a square such that all four sides are tangent to the circle. Find the ratio of area of the square to the area of circle

  12. question on train, speed etc

  13. question on train, speed etc

  14. Lola sola bola-earth is round tola rola kola-sun is good coca cola pepsi-all are bad what is bola? like that two questions

  15. If train of length 200 m travels @ 60 m/s and person traveling in the same direction is going @ 36 kmph, how long it would take to overtake the person? Lava and kusha = daddy and boy. Misha = uncle of kusha. Trisha = lava sister so misha is related to trisha in which way?

  16. Some robes are strikes, all strikes are rabbits. What is conclusion? Some conclusions were given and choice was like this

Section B

  1. Thermometer: Temperature: Barometer:

  2. antonym of homogeneous

  3. synonym of reinforcement

  4. a simple paragraph on meditation was given and five questions based on it

  5. rearrangement of simple set sentences

  6. fill in the propositions

  7. 4 addresses were given and v had to find the odd one out (simple)

  8. 4 codes were given and again odd one out (simple)