Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 27th Jan at Mumbai

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hello frnds… I had attended the Aptitude test @ Iflex Solutions in mumbai on 27th Jan, 2008. It was a good experience. I am waiting for the results. I wish it will be positive.

Like prev. Papers, there were 5 sections each carrying 10 Qs. + 1 for a correct answere and-0.25 for the wrong one. Instead of 60 mins. dey gave us 75 mins to solve the paper.

They have a huge requirement. Iflex employs over 12K employees and looking to make it 13K by the end of this Quater. So U can easily make it out dat they ve a gr8 requirement. Many candidates were der, may be around 1000. Surely cut off wud be high. Usually cut-off remains 25 but this time it would be 28 or 30. I would not describe the paper section wise.

I remeber few Qs.

  1. Around 10 Qs. Were really simple. You can solve it within a minute. Qs. Were based on series (3Qs.), some general Qs. Like: Rahul is 5th from the left and Amit is 10th from right and der r 5 ppl in between dem, so how many total ppl der sittin in a row. Like this Q. Der were other 2 Qs.

  2. Data Interpretation (10Qs.). I found this very difficult.

  3. a: One table was given. It was 3 × 5 of size. So 15 cells in total. But they had not filled up all the cells. I mean: They will give only few data and based on dat we have to complete the table. It was purely logical. But if U complete this table, U will solve 5 Qs. Based on this table within 2 mins.

  4. b: One table was given on the supply and imports of goods. Was quite tricky but very calculative. I didnt solve these 5 Qs.

  5. Two Qs. Based on logical deduction. I remember this Question.

  6. Mr. A has 100 rs. He has 3 ways to invest it. Sorry I don't remember the rest.