Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 2nd Apr at Allahbad

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Hi, i am Swati pursuing B-Tech from UCER allahabad … I wrote i-flex paper on 2nd april 2008. There were 1500 students from 8 colleges, out of which 135 cleared written and finally only 35 of them made it to i-flex. There were 60 questions to be done in 60 min (negative marking was there but was not specific) there was sectional cut offs too

written paper was divided into 2 sections

1 Quants and Logic (40 ques)

2 English usage (20 ques)


there were questions from

  • trains & boats (3 ques)

  • profit & loss (2 ques)

  • number system (2 ques)

  • Data interpretation (2 ques)

  • decision making (5 ques)

  • pattern matching (2 figures were given and ques was wat figure would be formed on overlaping the two)

  • view of figure (a figure was given and its bottom view was asked)

  • simple questions like

  1. if all three are same

  2. if 1 and 2 match

  3. if 1 and 3 match

  4. none of these 1-qsaer123gfr 2-qsaer123gfr 3-qsear123gfr (3 ques of this type)

    • syllogism (5 − 6 ques) ENGLISH

    • 1 Rc very easy and simple 5 ques following

    • parajumbles____5 ques

    • fill in the blanks with prepositions & article (5 − 6 ques)

    • synonyms & antonyms (4 − 5 ques) i managed to do 47ques in 60 minutes written exam was conducted in two rounds. 2nd batch ended at 2: 30 and results were out at 4p. m. Correction was computerised as they used OMR sheets there was 2 rounds of interview 1 TECHNICAL 2 HR TECHNICAL mine was tech + HR mixed. Interviewer was a sweet person, he helped relax as i was a bit nervous…

    • QUE: Tell me something about urself ANS: This ans went very long as wat i had prepared for, he kept asking me for more. i told my hobby as cooking so he asked ques about dat

    • QUE: Asked to solve a simple question on surface area

    • QUE: Decimal to hexadecimal conversion and then to binary

    • QUE: Project in detail

    • QUE: SQL & DBMS

    • QUE: Prob in relocation HR

    • about urself

    • family background

    • problem in relocating

    • why 1 year gap after 12th

    • why i-flex

result was declared on 4th april at 12 noon, and I was d one out of 18 from our colg