Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 5th March

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hi friends, this is rohita from DCSA, KUK. There was an offcampus of I-FLEX on 5th march in LIET, Alwar.

selection procedure contains three rounds:

  1. written test

  2. Technical interview

  3. HR interview

in written test, there were questions from data interpretation (somewhat hard), english (analogy-not so easy, one comprehension), reasoning from R S Aggarwal (simple questions from coding decoding, arithmetic reasoning, blood relation, series completion), aptitude (simple questions from problems on age, numbers, percentage, profit and loss, time and work).

reasoning and aptitude was quite easy.

1500 students appeared in written test and 183 qualified.

interview was on next day. In technical interview, they asked me simple questions on C pointers, basic concepts of OOPS, questions on inheritence, basics of DBMS. They asked me questions on my subjects of interest so whatever u mention in ur resume, be confident on that.

as i cleared the technical round i got the call for HR.

there were normal questions in HR like explain urself, why should we hire u & all that… In HR, always get ready for a question on ur previous answer so whatever u reply, u must mean that and be stick to ur answers

next day they announced the result. In all 49 students were placed n i was the also the lucky one to get selected.

just be confident n never let ur smile away from ur face. And i suggest you to prepare DBMS as this company's main emphasis is on DBMS.