Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 6th Apr 2008

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hi all i am Anantjit. i-flex solutions came to our institute on 6 th of april on which apti was conducted and on d next day technical and hr interview were conducted. It was a pool campus and colleges of agra-mathura region were invited.

APTITUDE-There were 5 sections of 10 questions each. They were-english, Data interpretation, Data sufficiency, aptitude, reasoning. One hour was allotted for these 50 questions. They were quite easy.

TECHNICAL INTERVIEW-This was long. It took almost 1 full hour. Questions aked were 4rm-c, c + +, sql, dbms, data structures, chemistry, electronics, software engg. Ques asked were-

c-what are datatypes, variables, simple programs of for loop and arrays, wap to count d no of lines in a paragraph

c + ± encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction with real life examples

sql-queries on joins and functions such as write a query for deleting first 3 letters 4rm u r name or last 3 letters, what r indexes, views, types of indexes, what is cursor etc

dbms they concentrate mainly on this subject. Almost all d topics were covered on this. Deadlock, deadlock prevention, acid properties, what is transaction, all 5 normal forms with example, locking techniques, diff b/w dbms and rdbms.

Datasructures-what is linkedlist, stack, queues, precision

Chemistry-15 equations were given and I was asked to balance dem

Electronics-what is transistor, p-n junction, zener diode. This was a surprise to me as I am 4rm information technology but somehow I managed it.

Software engg-in this only s/w development life cycle was asked

HR INTERVIEW-It took only 15 minutes. Ques asked were

  • How was u r technical interview

  • Give u r family back ground

  • What r u r carrer goals

  • Why do u want to join i-flex

  • Why Is ur percentage declining (my 12th % was 84 & in b. Tech it was 69%. U must prepare for this ques if u r having d same case)

This was all. By God's grace I was among d 17 selected candidates 4rm my college. Wishing u all d very best of luck.