Placement Papers: IFlex Paper on 9th Jun 2007

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Hi friends i am Sandeep. i did my B. Tech in electronics and communication engineering. i attended i-flex written test on 9th june 2007.

The recruitment consists of the following

  1. written test

  2. technical-1

  3. technical-2

  4. HR.

written test consists of 50 questions in 60 minutes. Time is an important factor.

english 2 − 3 passages (they r easy) -10 questions

antomnys, synomnys, and 5 questions on logic like

  1. all cats are dogs

  2. all dogs are hens

conclusion: All cats are hens.

data interpretation-easy but time consuming. (5 questions). find th next element of the series (3 − 5 questions). how alphabets in english give mirror images same as them. 1questions

logical reasoning is very important part. Do prepeare well. Their are no questions on boats, simple interest. i mean no aptitutde…

it consists of manly logical questions … Out of 700 only 80 − 90 were qualified for the technical section… The cutoff will be based on the paper its between 26 − 30. Their is negative marking so be careful…25 marks fro each wrong answer…


we were given a form and asked to fill th e form. Then the interview started.

int: Hi. Can u tel me abt ur self.

me: i told abt my education rite from school, abt my parents.

int: Why u want to join IT industry as u r from Electronics.

me: It's a palce were we can find a rapid growth than other fields.

Int: Wat is friction.

Me; gave a definition.

Int: Advantages and disadvantages of friction.

Me: Told a few.

Int: Tel me newtons laws laws of motion

Me: Told. He concentrated mainly on the 3rd law.

Int: Write a program fro swaping two numbers.

Me: Wrote the program.

Int: r u willing to work in documentation domain.

Me: I told yes. As it is also part of IT.

45 out of 90 wer selected.


Int: Tel me abt ur self.

Me; told th e same here also.

Int: Gave me a problem on mensuration

I want to paint this room with 5 mm thickness paint. If 1 liter of paint costs. 500 rupees. What is amount needed to paint the whole room. Assume ur own dimensions. And solve the problem.

Me: I did it and solbed the problem.

Int: He gave me a problem on power (p = VI).

Me; did the problem.

Int: Which is on north of Andhra Pradesh

Me: Orissa

Int: Wats th e capital of Orissa.

Me: BHUneshwar:

Int: President of Russia.

Me: Putin;

He asked only on the basic concepts.

15 out of 45. Were selected.


The hr was cool

Tel me abt ur self.

Wats r u strengths. always give a positive answer.

How u will prove ur strength I told I am hardworking. I told abt my project wic is very interesting.

He told me the pay.

I need to work s a trainee for 1 year.

Do u have any questions. → u r selected a s a trainee.

I was very happy then.

I asked where can I my training. Place of training

Platform of training

Finally he asked me r u willing to working any particular platform. i told I know java. He asked r u willing to work on oracle. I told u can mould me on ur required platform.

Finally I asked when I expect the offer letter. He told we will intimate uu.

14 OUT OF 15 WERE selected. Till now no one got the offer.

After 2 months we ALL go a mail from i-flex that they are unable to provide a suitable position. ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE.