Placement Papers: IFlex Pattern 2005

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i hav writen anything n everything i knw n i remember abt iflex test____

gud luk 2 all, prep well

4 sections:

quant apti + Data interpritation: 15q, s--20 min…

1st 3 quetions on data int-sum bar graph of iflex economic growth____and 3 simple questions-easy

then there was a question where a's speed is twice as tat of b and b, s is 3 times as tat of c. Find a, s speed…

then sum question on profit and loss--u need to solve this… Takes time

1 q was tat if 3 cups of water 4m a barrel of water500lt is added 2 a barrel of alcohol500 lt, mixed well then 3 cups 4m d barrel of alcohol is added to the barrel of water then which is gr8ter.

xsquare/1 + xsquare = 7, find x? 1 + x.

i remember only this in d 1st section____i ansred 13 questions… Bt i guess the cut off is 11.

2nd section-logical reasoning:

some 8 or 10 questions-20 min-easiest of all sections

they wil give u some condiation… Such as a is reacheble only by f, u can reach g only vai n 4m t… And so on draw graph…4 questions based on this…

those who r attempting cat… Go through routes an networks 4 this…

then there was a graph where n at every node u r given the cost of milk per litre, and the maximum load though that pipe… Based on this u need to ans a few questions____4 questions presicely.

very cheap____1 glance tels u all u need 2 knw…

eg node A5, 6____b2, 2

this means only milk which is less than 6 lt can pass trough a and milk only less than 2 lt can pass through b… And the cost r shown respectively

3section: 15 question 20 min--reasionig again

1 prob on seating arrangement-2 rows-who is opp 2 whom etc kind of questions

i prob on who came 1st, last etc____a few conditions r given… Form the arrangement acc 2 this.

i think 1 more prob was ther… Dnt remember wat.

4th section-verbl--for this u have 25 min--

fill in the blanks--5 questions… Nt 2 easy nt 2 hard

match the foll--easy

a word will be given. Its most coomon 4 dictionary meanings will b given in 1 coloum, and its usage in sentences will b given in another coloum.

u need to match them…1 word was order. i dnt remember the rest

then a pasage will b given u need to ans sum 4 r 5 questions on basis of this____easy passage. Nt d tough 1s asked in cat n all.

then last type is tat they will giv u a phrase u need to simplyfy it with the use of 1 of the most similar simple words from the options.

thats it… Then wait 4 30min they wil tel u ur results…

ah… Yes there is-ve marking--. 25 wil b deducted

the hr n tech wil b held aft 3 2 4 days gap

ya… There r 2 sets of paper, … Another 1 i heard is very difficult… Ful of stocks shares n all

i dnt knw wat … Bt its better u pray u get tis version.

i had written d test at blore. Dnt knw if it is d same r diff paper elsewhere