Placement Papers: IFlex Placement Paper on 12th March 2005

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there are 30 questions. 30 min time. No negative marks. Some questions have multiple answers. Among those one question is incomplete. There are questions on Oracle7 also. So go through Oracle7 once before attending the test.

  • What is the size of varchar in Oracle7?

  • What is the size of varchar in Oracle8? Answer: 4000

  • What is the full form of OFA? Answer: Optimal Flexible Architecture

  • How can you create a view in oracle7?

  • Which of the following is true/false about ADD_MONTHS?

  • Which of the following is true/false about GROUP BY?

  • The output of select LENGTH (column) if the column is of CHAR? Answer: It gives the max. Size of the column only

  • The max. No. Of columns in a composite key in Oracle8? Answer: 16

  • How the procedure can return a value? Answer: Through OUT parameter

  • How many LONG columns/primary keys columns can be within a single table? Answer: Only ONE

  • Which of the following is true? -regarding COMMIT? Answer: If the DDL statement is succeeded then only the DML work will be committed.

  • Question about Table Partition

  • Question about overloading of functions

  • Question about CURSOR attributes

  • The latest date is Answer: Jan1, 4712 BC or Jan1, 4712 AD or Dec31, 4712 AD

  • Question on PRE-DEFINED Exception