Placement Papers: IFlex Technologies Paper 2005 Oct 31

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Date: 10/31/2005


iFlex Paper Pattern Generated some of the questions:

It contains Group A and group B.

group B is pshychometry and try to attempt it only after completing the group A. Unless group A is completed don't try to go for group B since it will have very less weightage.

In group A again u will have sections like

  1. quantitative

  2. Arrange the sentance properly and find the fifth word

  3. Figures (visible test)

  4. some cartoons will be there. u have to arrange them in proper order so that u will generate one story.

  5. synonoms

Group A

If you attempt them without solving you can solve the other questions so dont look at these questions there and just mark them blindly.

Two ladders are of same lenght. They are kept inclined to two opposite walls distance of point of cantact of top of ladder to ground is 18, 24 inch respectively find the length of ladder from 4 options only one answer was more than 24 mark it around 26…

A person buy the 6, 1 Rs. Stamps and 7, 50 paisa stamps he has given 12 Rs. How much he will get back.

ans 2.5 rs

There is a right angled isoceles triangle area given find hypoteneous.

ans 10 root 2

A man is running around a rectangle it takes time 2 time in travelling lenth than travelling width total perimeter = 300

find area

ans 5000

Q A coal is fed in the tunnel [ 6 ton of cole] 1 ton of cole = 35 cubic feet given cross section [ rectangular duct] it req to find height.

Some 8 figures were given in that you have to identify the missing thing in the diagram

dig 1: INDIA MAP missing ans: Gujrat

3 Coat button or pocket

Sunrise birds or shadow [or look it carefully ]

Girl eyebrows

chashme ki dandi gayab thi shayad ek figure me

fig 4 girl standing her thumb was missing


0 6 24 60 120 210 … ____ two next terms ans 310 wala shayad solve kar ke dekh

Price of cotton today is 50 corore what will it be after 100 years

If x ranges from 2 to 3 y ranges from 7 to 8 then which value is max

Q 2 is what percent of 4t

Q there are 140, 0000 pencils out of which 80 % of pencils have average

length of 5 inch what will be the total lenght if they are kept one over

another what will be the distance in miles

there are 4 soldiers 1 2 3 4

1 moves 3 steps ahead

2 moves 1 or 2 step backward

3 moves. Steps

4 moves 4 step backward

what will be the final position between one and 4 ans 5 steps.