Placement Papers: iFlex Paper 2002

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Total 90 ques, answered in 65 minutes.

Test-I of 30 minutes (40 questions)

Test-II of 20 mins (30 questions)

Test-III of 15mins (20 questions) minutes

The following alphabets written in the reverse order which will be the fifth letter to the right of the eleventh letter

from the left? A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

if P + Q means P is the sister of Q, P-Q means P is the father of Q, P x Q means P is the brother of

Q, which of the following means K is the aunt of N?

If the word code SINDHU is written as VIEOJT, how is SURESH is written

Ans: ITFSVT (3rd option)

Which will come in the next in the series IAR GET EIV COX

Ans: AUZ (4th option)

Hitting the target

Ans: 65 (3rd option)

+ means divide, means multiply, x means minus,/means plus, what is the output (480 + 20 × 20) -16/12 =?

ANS: 76 (1st optin)

Gopal, Madhav, raju, Like this Ans: Raju (2nd option)

Anand, meena, cup, la dup mil. Like this Ans: Cup

Word is PREDILECTION 1ST & 3RD letter is changed, 2nd & 4th, 5th & 7th, similarly changed what is at 8th

letter counted from left.

Ans: L (2)

b is in Doubt in the same way as h is in