Placement Papers: iFlex Paper 2010

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Hi this is SAMit rane____final year EXTC student from sardar patel institute of technolgy.

i-flex visited our campus on 4th august it was 9 th company for which I sat.

Couldnt clear aptitude of infi, accenture wipro n all.

anyway but am pleasd for gettin selected at i-flex____frns its really a good company… So try ur best… Selection precedure is as follows:

  1. Aptitude test

  2. Technical interview

  3. H. R. Interview

    1. Aptitude test there were 2 sections:

      1. logic n quant (40 Q)

      2. english (20Q)

      jst ref to threds posted below____for exactly which rs chapter to prepare. Its given accurate over there… But I tell u…i-flex apti is a piece of cake… Simplest aptitude test… n so cutoff ws really high also THERE IS NEGATIVE marking… Jst 15 cold clear it out of total about 100 candidates.

    2. Technical round It ws nice experience to give tech interview they askd me about wht is c? procedure oriented prg. pointers, bublle sort, fibonacci ka program I could ans all easily. Thn he askd me wht I know about i-flex I told whtevr i listend in ppt. Total 11 ppl were selected out of 15 canditates.

    3. H. R. Round

one mam askd me about family background, my achievments, any problem in rellocation, strenghts n weakness, ws overall good discussion.

10 ppl out of 11 finally selected after HR and I ws one of them.

Am thankful to Jobduniya for its gr8 help. Jobduniya rocks really!