Placement Papers: IGatE Paper on 11th Nov at Mumbai

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Hii friends.

There were three rounds:

  1. Apptitude round.

  2. G. D.

  3. Technical/HR round. Apptitude Round: The round was very simple. The questions were based on basic maths. There were 20 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. G. D. Round:

    1. Should hindi be our national language.

    2. Reservation or student.

    Technical Round:

    Some of the questions that were generally asked to students:

    1. Tell me about yourself.

    2. whai is difference between window 2000 and window xp?

    3. what is next version of window?

    4. Some questions on servlet?

    5. What is the difference between HTML and XML?

    6. What is difference ASP and ASP. Net?

    7. Questions on RMI.

    8. what is schema?

    9. Question on metadata.

    10. Question on project.

    11. Layers of OSI model.

Do DBMS and Java properly.