Placement Papers: IGatE Paper on 18th Nov

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iGATE paper conducted on 18th November, 2006 in Walkin. 2 sets were there in each batch white and yellow. White one easier than yellow. 15 questions in 30 mins. I got white and questions are:

It was based on hour and minute hand. If the diff. Between hour and minute hand is 6 minute then after how much time the diff. Will be 7 min. It was quite tricky.

If 6 weights and one pan is given then what are the weights exactly to measure 1 − 364 candies.

Divide 170 in 3 parts such a way that first part is 10 more than second part.

There is a 4 digit no. In which 3rd digit is twice of first one. Second digit is the sum of first and third. Fourth digit is twice of third. What is the no.

A circle is touched by 34 tangents then what is the total no. Of unclosed regions?

A room having floor dimension of 48 feet by 24 feet has cross diagonal length of 54 feet. What is the height of the room?

One year ago pandit was 3 times older than a girl and after one year he is 2 times older than the girl. What is the age of pandit after 5 years.

A brick weighs 4kg. How many bricks will be formed by reducing its dimension to one-fourth?

In a family every child have 3 brother and 3 sister, then how many children are all there?

A dog says that there are 2 dogs in front of him, other dog says that there 2 dogs behind him. How many dogs are all there?

In a telephone exchange if area code is of three digits, then how area codes are possible for that exchange from a-z alphabets only?

If a girl has 10z more chocolates then she will have 5y + 1 times chocolates than she originally had. Find the no. Of chocolates the girl had originally in terms of y and z.

One question I don remember, Its answer was 93 and rest 2 I don remember.