Placement Papers: IGatE Paper on 19th Sept 2007

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Hi Candidates.

I am Praveen I am placed in iGate, held on 20th November, 07 in Mahalingam College of Engineering And Technology. I am doing my Final year ECE, I have benefited much from this site, and I like to contribute myself by giving the information I have experienced. The selection procedure is:

  1. Aptitude Test

  2. GD

  3. Technical and HR interview

Aptitude Test

15 question no choices; worksheet will be provided, no negative marks, u have to work down the answers, the time to solve 15 question was about 30 min… All question are easy if u have read R S AGARWAL, some topics are Time and Distance, Probability, Problems on numbers, Average, Age, Profit and Loss and some other topics in RS Agarwal… That is enough…

3 − 4 questions were very simple. Others were little hard. Cutoff was high, it was around 10. They short listed 88 from 1000 for the next round…

Some questions that I Remember, I have put here



Boys and girls are seated in 5 rows and 5 columns, such that A is seated at the center and P is right to A. If R is in front of A and Q is behind P. In which direction is Q seated with respect to R. If all the students are seated facing north.

Ans: South east

If 21 books must be placed in a row. In how many ways these books can be arranged such that no two new books are arranged consecutively,

Ans: 210

Two dice are thrown such that a sum of 8 is obtained in a condition that the second die must be always 4. Find the number of chances of obtaining sum of 8.

Ans: ⅙

Two cans A & B contain 25% & 30 % of milk. If 6 parts of can A and 4 parts of can B acre mixed in a can C. What is the proportion of milk in can C.

Ans: 15

1 rupee, 50 paisa and 25 paisa coins are there in the ratio of 2.5: 3: 4. For Rs. 210, find the number of 1 rupee coins.

Ans: 105.

9 men and 6 women will finish a work in 5 days, similarly 3 men and 15 women can finish the same work in 10 days then in how many days 9 men and 10 women will finish the same work.

Ans: 3

X amount takes 10 years to become double. How many years it takes to become triple?

Ans: 15

A team plays cricket in a year with a % of win by the team as 50% and the % of loosing matches as 40%. If the number of matches tied is 20, then find the number of matches played.

Ans: 200

There are 8 pairs of socks and 2 socks are worn from that such that the pair of socks worn are not of the same pair. What is the number of pair that can be formed.

Ans: 56

11? 12.13. 14 15 sorry I couldn't remember. But they where simple


Since short listed were less in number they canceled group discussion for us

Technical and HR interview:

Since I am an ECE student both interviews where like an HR interview and some questions on my basics and area of interest

All where simple question no need to get worry. All ways give your answer with confidence. Some questions were asked from apti too which u had already written they will ask to solve it.