Placement Papers: iNautix Technologies C Language and Unix Paper

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iNautix C, C + + & Unix paper:

C + + paper:

cin is an

I cont remember the ques but the ans is Virtual base class

what is the use of scope resolution operator?

Advantage of inline function?

copy constructor is

ans: Call by value.

ques on vertual destructor?

template one ques?

one q on container class?

How will u terminate the statement?

main () { int n, i = 1; switch (n) { case 1: Some stuff; case 2: Some stuff; default: i = 10; } printf ( “i = %d” i); }

what will be value of i.

ans: Non of the above

pick ut the wrong one

#typedef some stuff { }.

one questions on do loop?

pick the odd one

char * ptr.

p = malloc (20).

How will u de allocate the memory?

There r about 20 questions in this section rest i am un able to remember?

UNIX paper:

How will u do version maintaince?

sccs (source code control system)

awk $2

A program in shell script?

find the o/p.

Which signal u cant catch?

ans: Sigkill

Core dump is due to?

ans: Segmentation fault.

Echo “todays date is date”

o/p =?

process synchronisation is done by?

ans: Sphore