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Question number: 261

» Basic CS » Networks

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What MAU?


Understanding of MAU

Understanding of MAU

Understanding of MAU

  • A multistation access unit or Ethernet media attachment unit are both abbreviated as MAU.

  • Multistation access unit is hub or concentrator connecting a group of computers in a star topology while retaining the logical ring structure- actual wiring is in star topology with stations connected in a star pattern to a central MAU.

  • MAU provides 8 or 16 ports for connecting stations to the “ring”- includes one ring-out and one ring-in connector.

  • Advantage from actual ring is that- if one computer fails, the MSAU can bypass it and the “ring” will remain intact.

Question number: 262

» Database » MySQL

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What operator performs pattern matching?


  • Like operator performs pattern matching.

  • Used in WHERE clause.

  • LIKE operator is used to attribute:

    • %- means matching zero or more characters.

    • _ (underscore) - means matching exactly one character

  • Syntax:

SELECT ” column_name”

FROM “table_name”

Where “colomn_name” LIKE {PATTERN}

  • Pattern matching allows information retrieval without mentioning full.

Question number: 263

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Find the output for the following C program

  1. main ()
  2. {
  3.     int x = 5;
  4.     printf ( “%d %d %d ”, xx<<2x>>2);
  5. }


  • In the program

Table showing the program

Table showing the program

int x = 5;

  • define the integer variable x = 5

printf (“%d % d %d ”, x, x < < 2, x > > 2);

  • As x = 5 so first % d gives 5

  • Second % d will take value of x after left shifting it twice, and shifting is done after converting the values to binary, binary value of 5 (000101) will be left shifted twice to make it binary 20 (0010100), so x < < 2 is 20

  • As right shifting does not affect the original value of x it’s still 5 so third % d will also show 1.