3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 254 - 256 of 1245

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Question 254


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

In header file where function are declared or defined?


Define Two Types of Functions

Header file:

Declares functions which are not inline

Question 255


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

List the Coffmans conditions that lead to a deadlock.


Mutual Exclusion:

  • Existence of non-shareable resources only one process can use at a time.
  • Another process wanting to access that resource must wait until the resource is released.

No Pre-emption:

  • No process is allowed to pre-empt another process forcibly to release resources held by it.
  • Resource allocation should ensure that pre-emption is allowed.

Hold and Wait:

  • Process holding a resource is waiting on additional resources held by other processes.

Circular Wait:

  • Processes waiting on resources from a circular chain with each waiting processes waiting on a resource held by next process in the list.

Question 256



Which of the following is TRUE for the SYSTEM VARIABLE $ $ date $ $


Choice (4)


Can be assigned to a global variable


Can be assigned to any field only during design time


Can be assigned to any variable or field during run time


Question does not provide sufficient data or is vague




$ $ DATE $ $

  • Retrieves the current operating system date.
  • Designates a default value for a text item using the Default property.
  • The text item must be CHAR, DATE, or DATETIME data type.
  • Can also use $ $ DATE $ $ as a default value for form parameters- the parameter՚s value is computed one time, at form startup.

    System Variables

  • System variable allows controlling the way an application behaves.
  • Assigned to any field only during design time.
  • Values can be set globally at server startup by using options on the command line in option file.

    Form Variable

  • Oracle forms variable keeps an internal oracle forms state.

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