3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 311 - 312 of 1245

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Question 311


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Why wrapper classes?


  • They convert primitive data types into objects.
  • Objects are needed to modify the arguments passed into a method- classes in java. util package handle only objects and hence wrapper classes.
  • Data structures in the Collection framework, such as ArrayList and Vector, store only objects and not primitive types.
  • An object is needed to support synchronization in multithreading.

Question 312


Describe in Detail


What level of security does windows NT meets?


  • Level of security.
  • security standard originally required for deployment in government organizations- now commercial organizations demand same level of security.
  • Main Requirements for Compliance

    • User identification and authentication:
      • A user proves their identity.
      • For example, providing user-id/password combination.
    • Discretionary access control:
      • Access control for every object within the system- printer, files and process access at various levels of granularity.
    • Auditing Capabilities:
      • System provides the ability to log all user action and object access with enough information for identifying the user who performed the operation.
    • Safe object reuse:
      • System guarantees that any discarded objects cannot be accessed by other entities.
    • System integrity:
      • System must protect resources belonging to one entity, from interfering with another entity.

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