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Question number: 355

» Operating System » Unix

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Describe in Detail

What is page fault? It’s types?


Define page fault.

Define Page Fault.

Define page fault.

  • Page fault handler is one of critical parts of code in the linux kernel.

  • It has major influence on memory subsystem’s performance.

  • Each process is assigned to a memory chunk named as pages.

  • A process has a page table containing page table entries that point to the memory assigned to the process. They communicate to the CPU, the memory locations which valid for the process.

  • A page table that does not currently map to RAM, will result in page fault by CPU.

Two types of page fault:

Validity fault

  • Validity fault is the result of non setting of valid bits in main memory at the time of refererring a page.

Protection fault

  • Provides protection mechanism in response to access violation caused by running code.
Two types of page fault

Two Types of Page Fault

Two types of page fault

Question number: 356

» Database » Oracle



Is it possible to open a cursor which is in a Package in another procedure?


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Question does not provide sufficient data or is vague


All of the above




Steps of creating cursors in oracle

Steps of Creating Cursors in Oracle

Steps of creating cursors in oracle

  • Yes, it is possible to open a cursor, which is in a Package in another procedure. Cursor:

  • Declared in a package specification- is global and can be accessed by other procedures or procedures in a package.

  • Declared in a procedure- is local to the procedure that cannot be accessed by other procedures.

  • Is declared in the declaration part.

  • Declaration section cannot assign the value to variable.