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Question number: 438

» Database » Oracle



Which of the following is not correct about User_Defined Exceptions?


Choice (4) Response


Must be declared


Raised automatically in response to an Oracle error


Must be raised explicitly


All of the above




Define User define exception.

Define User Define Exception.

Define User define exception.

  • That is specifically associated with the program.

  • Must be declared which effectively creates them.

  • Must be raised within context of the program.

  • Handle in the same manner a system generated exception.

  • Raised using the oracle supplied RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR stored procedure.

3 steps to handle the User exception:

  • Define Exception

    • Define the exception before we raise and handle.

  • Raise Exception

    • Ones exceptions are defined, they need to be raised anywhere in the body.

    • Raised using the keyword RAISE

  • Handle the exception

    • The same way predefined exceptions are handled.

3 steps to handle the User exception

3 Steps to Handle the User Exception

3 steps to handle the User exception

Question number: 439

» Basic CS » Networks

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What is region?


  • In hierarchical routing, the router divides network to regions- each router knows details on routing packets to destinations within its own region but nothing about the internal structure of other regions.

  • For example, the network of different departments can be different regions. Across regions the packets are delivered to the correct router which acts proxy to the region.