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Question number: 489

» Database » Oracle



Is the Following Statement True or False?

The User can set Archive file name formats




Define archive log files

Define Archive Log Files

Define archive log files

  • Yes, the user can set archive file name formats.

  • LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT is applicable only to redo log in ARCHIVE mode.

  • Text string and variables can specify the default filename format when archiving redo log files.

  • String generate from format is appended to string specified from LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST parameter.

    What is Archiving?

  • Groups of redo log files are saved to offline destination, collectively the archived redo log, or archive log.

  • The process of turning redo log files into archived redo log files is archiving.

  • Only possible when database running in ARCHIVELOG mode.

  • Archived redo log contains a copy of every group enabled for archiving.

    Archived redo logs can:

  • Recover a database

  • Update a standby database

  • Get information about the history of a database using the log miner utility.

Question number: 490

» Basic CS » Networks

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What are the possible ways of data exchange?


Define parts of transmission modes

Define Parts of Transmission Modes

Define parts of transmission modes


  • Travels in only one direction.

  • Example- person talking into microphone and then hearing voice from the speaker.

  • Keyboard connected to CPU provides simplex communication- CPU never needs to send characters to the keyboard but the keyboard always send characters to the CPU.


  • Capable of sending signal in both directions- only one direction at a time.

  • Example- police car radio phones allowing one person to talk at a time but both sides can talk to one-another.


  • Data can be transmitted in both directions simultaneously.

  • A local area network has full-duplex transmission, one workstation can be sending data on the line while another workstation is receiving data.

  • Full-duplex transmission necessarily implies a bidirectional line.

  • Example- telephone IP service.

  • Also called bidirectional transmission.