3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 468 - 470 of 1245

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Question 468


Describe in Detail


What are the different phases of transaction?


Understanding of 3 Phase of Transaction

Basically, 3 phase of transaction:

  • Analysis phase
  • Redo phase
  • Undo phase

Analysis phase:

  • Analysis phase is to find the best LSN starting from which rolling forward can be done during redo phase.


  • Redo is the phase during which the changes caused by active transactions are hardened onto Data files.


  • Undo is the phase where in, rolling back of the active transactions for consistency, takes place.

Question 469


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

How can you know about drivers and database information?


  • Java API contains the class DriverManager and the interface Driver in java. sql package.
  • This class provides information about the drivers and database to connect.

Question 470


Describe in Detail


What is an object?


Understanding of Object, Its Properties and Its Methods
  • Object is created from a class.
  • Objects of a class are declared in same way as variables of basic types.
  • When a class is defined, no memory is allocated but when it is instantiated memory is allocated.

Declaring object:

  • When a class is defined, only the specification for the object is defined; no memory or storage is allocated.
  • To use the data and functions in the class, we need to create objects.


ClassName ObjectName;

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