3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 477 - 478 of 1245

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Question 477


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

When an array is passed it is by


  • An array is passed it is by pointer.
  • When an array is passed to a function, what is being passed is a pointer to the array.
  • In the formal parameter list, we can either specify the parameter an array or a pointer.
  • A function working on an array needs to know where to start and stop.
  • Another way to describe the array is by passing two pointer, with the first indicating the array starts and second array end.
  • The function can alter the value of the pointer itself, making it point to each array element in turn.

Question 478


Describe in Detail


What is 2NF?


  • A relation schema R is in 2NF if it is in 1NF and every non-prime attribute A in R is fully functionally dependent on primary key.

    2NF (Second Normal Form) Rules

  • It is clear that we can՚t move forward to make our simple database in 2nd Normalization form unless we partition the table above.
Second Normal Form Rules in Table
1JanatFirst street Plot No 4Ms.
2Rohit3rd street 34Mr.
3Rohit5th AvenueMr.
Second Normal Form Rules in Table
1Pirates of the Caribbean
1Clash of the Titans
2Forgetting sarah Marshal
2Daddy՚s Little Girls
3Clash of the Titans
  • We have divided our 1NF table into two tables viz. Table 1 and Table2.
  • Table 1 contains member information. Table 2 contains information on movies rented.
  • We have introduced a new column called Membership_id which is the primary key for table 1. Records can be uniquely identified in Table 1 using membership id

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