3i Infotech Papers: Sample Questions 500 - 501 of 1245

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Question number: 500

» Operating System » Unix

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What is FIFO?


Formate of FIFO.

Formate of FIFO.

Formate of FIFO.

  • FIFO are pipes with a name- commonly referred as “named pipes”.

  • Pipes are common on Linux command lines but do not have a system-wide name.

  • Two processes that wish to communicate using a pipe need to be related, parent and child or sharing a common parent.

Characteristics of Pipe

  • Different but named like a file.

  • Exists in the file system-but not necessary for the processes to communicate using FIFO.

  • We create a FIFO from the shell using the mknod command.

Question number: 501

» Basic CS » Networks

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Explain SNMP.


Understanding of SNMP.

Understanding of SNMP.

Understanding of SNMP.

  • Simple network management protocol is a framework for managing devices using TCP/IP protocol suit.

  • Provides fundamental operations for monitoring and maintaining internet devices- widely accepted protocols to manage and monitor network elements.

  • Uses several administrative computers, called managers- groups of networked computers and associated devices.

  • Components Management in the Internet can also be using other protocols.

  • At the top level, management is accomplished with two protocols:

    • Structure of Management Information (SMI)

    • Management Information Base (MIB)


  • SMI component is used in network management.

  • Functions are to:

    • Name objects

    • Define the type of data that can be stored in an object

    • Describe the encoding of data for transmission over the network.


  • Second component used in network management.

  • Collection of all the objects that the manager can manage.

  • Objects in the MIB categorized under eight different groups.