3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 479 - 480 of 1245

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Question 479


Describe in Detail


What is terminal emulation, in which layer it comes?


Given PC Treminal Emulation
  • Telnet also called terminal emulation- belongs to application layer.
  • Ability to make one computer terminal appear like some other terminal
  • Allows users to log on and get direct access to legacy programs in a mainframe operating system.
  • Emulation programs run like any other workstation application as a separate program task.
  • It comes in the application layer.
  • Requires installing a special program a telnet program- runs like workstation application as a separate program task providing its own window to the user.
  • Window might presents some particular mainframe operating system or application interface that is text-only.

Question 480



Which of the following is not an advantage of GUI systems?


Choice (4)


GUI՚s can display multiple applications in multiple windows


GUI՚s provide more user interface objects for a developer


Intuitive and easy to use.


None of the above




Advantages of GUI
  • A GUI is more user-friendly- icons are used to represent application.
  • Complex, multi-step, dependent tasks can easily be grouped together.
  • The user does not need to learn any command.
  • Clicking an icon is very easy compared to typing every command.
  • It easy to place more information within a single program.
  • A graphical user interface also makes it easier for the user to move the data or information from one application to the other.
  • GUI has standard formats that help in representing graphics and text.
  • It saves time editing settings manually.

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