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Question number: 535

» Database » MySQL

Appeared in Year: 2017

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Describe in Detail

What is Entity set?


  • An entity set is a set of entities of the same type (e. g. , all persons having an account at a bank).

  • Entity sets need not be disjoint.

  • For example, the entity set employee (all employees of a bank) and the entity set customer (all customers of the bank) may have members in common.

Five entity sets in this section:

  • Branch: The set of all branches of a particular bank.

    • Each branch is described by the attributes branch-name, branch-city and assets.

  • Customer: The set of all people having an account at the bank.

    • Attributes are customer-name, S. I. N. , street and customer-city.

  • Employee: With attributes employee-name and phone-number.

  • Account: The set of all accounts created and maintained in the bank.

    • Attributes are account-number and balance.

  • Transaction: The set of all account transactions executed in the bank.

    • Attributes are transaction-number, date and amount.

Question number: 536

» Operating System » Unix

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Describe in Detail

What is the principle of locality?


Define principle of locality

Define Principle of Locality

Define principle of locality

  • It is a term for the phenomenon in which the same values or related storage locations are frequently accessed.

  • It is also known as the locality of reference.

  • It happens because, the next most data items or instruction is the closed to the current data item or instruction.

  • Example: a block in a file may be the closed one that is needed next.

  • The OS can read the next block before its need and made it available it on hand at the time of issuing the actual read request.

Two types of principle of locality:

Two types of principle of locality

Two Types of Principle of Locality

Two types of principle of locality

Temporal locality

  • It refers to the reuse of speific data and resources.

Spatial locality

  • It refers to the use of data elements

Within relatively close storage locations.

  • Sequential locality is a special case of spatial locality which occurs when the data elements are arranged linearly in one-dimensional array.