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Question number: 579

» Basic CS » Data Structures

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Traverse the given tree using Inorder, Preorder and postorder traversals.

Image shows the tree

Image Shows the Tree

Image shows the tree


Inorder: D H B E A F C I G J

  • First, visit all nodes in the left subtree

  • Then the root node

  • Then the nodes in the right subtree

Preorder: A B D H E C F G I J

  • Visit root node

  • Then the nodes in the left subtree

  • After the node in the right subtree

Postorder: H D E B F I J G C A

  • Visit all the nodes in the left subtree

  • After the root node

  • Then the nodes in the right subtree

Question number: 580

» Basic CS » Operating System

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What is symbolic links?


  • Symbolic link is another name for file.

  • Contains reference to another file as absolute or relative path

  • Affects pathname resolution.

  • Transparent to users- links appear as normal files or directories, and acted upon by the user or application in exactly the same manner.

  • Aid in migration and application compatibility with UNIX operating systems.

Symbolic link are different from hard links.

  • Hard links always point to an existing file- symbolic links may contain an arbitrary path that does not point to anything.

Question number: 581

» Database » Oracle



ENQUEUE resources parameter information is derived from….


Choice (4) Response




Processes or DDL_LOCKS and DML_LOCKS




Question does not provide sufficient data or is vague




Two Types of Locks

  1. DML lock

  2. DDL lock

Two types of locks

Two Types of Locks

Two types of locks

  • The dba_dml_locks and dba_ddl_locks views are both created by the catblock. sql script and are used to monitor DML and DDL locks

  • Parameter information is derived from Processes or DDL_LOCKS and DML_LOCKS.

  • Sets the number of resources it can be lock concurrently by the lock manager.

  • Oracle allocates the number of enqueuse specified by the ENQUEUE_RESOURCES parameter, at database startup time.

  • If we explicit set ENQUEUE_RESOURCES to a value higher than DML_LOCK, then oracle uses the value we provide.