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Question number: 605

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When is a functional dependency F said to be minimal?


F to be minimal if it satisfies the following conditions:

  • Every dependency in F has a single attribute for its right hand side.

  • It cannot replace any dependency X – > A in F with a dependency Y– > A where Y is a proper subset of X and still have a set of dependency that is equivalent to F.

  • We cannot remove any dependency from F and still have set of dependency that is equivalent to F.

Question number: 606

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What is accessor?


  • AN accessor is a class operation that does not modify the state of an object.

  • The accessor functions need to be declared as const operations.

  • Accessor methods allow the programmer to obtain the value of an object’s instance variables

  • The data can be accessed but not changed

  • The name of an accessor method typically starts with the word ‘get’

 Accessor method in image

Accessor Method in Image

Given the Accessor method getx () and gety () methods

Question number: 607

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What is the difference between “translate” and “replace”


Difference between translate and replace

Difference between translate and replace



  • REPLACE replaces every instance of a set of characters with another set of characters

  • TRANSLATE replaces single characters at a time

  • REPLACE provides functionality related to that provided by the TRANSLATE function.

  • TRANSLATE provides single-character, one-to-one substitution.

  • Returns string if no match found

  • Returns null if no match found