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Question number: 670

» Basic CS » Networks

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Describe in Detail

What is EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol)?


Understanding of EGP.

Understanding of EGP.

Understanding of EGP.

  • An obsolete routing protocol used for data exchange between neighbouring gateway hosts in autonomous systems.

  • Original routing protocol developed for communicating routing information between system on the internet

  • Used in research institutes, universities, government agencies, and private organizations.

  • No longer used because of poor support for multipath networking environments.

  • Replaced by Border Gateway Protocol, which provides additional capabilities.

  • Was based on periodic message exchange polling for neighbour reachability and poll commands to request update responses.

  • Used between hosts on the internet to exchange routing table information. .

Question number: 671

» Database » Oracle



Can we pass RECORD GROUP between FORMS?


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All of the above


Question does not provide sufficient data or is vague




Define types of record groups

Define Types of Record Groups

Define types of record groups

  • Yes, RECORD GROUP can be passed between FROMS.

  • A record group is oracle form data structure with column-row framework similar to database table.

  • Used for functionally offered by two-dimensional array of multiple data types.

  • Based on a query or on a set of static value.

  • Separate objects in record belong to the form module in which they are defined.

  • The SELECT statements used to create a query record group can be created dynamically at runtime.

Three types of record groups

  • Query record group

    • A record group that has an associated SELECT statement.

    • Query record created and modified at design time or at runtime.

  • Non-query record group

    • A group that does not have an associated query.

    • Created and modified only at runtime.

  • Static record group

    • Not associated with a query.

    • Created and modified only at design time.

Three types of record groups

Three Types of Record Groups

Three types of record groups