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Question number: 677

» Basic CS » Operating System

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What is an idle thread?


  • Ideal thread is the special thread a dispatcher will execute when no ready thread is found.

  • Contains one or more kernel thread run when any no other runnable thread is scheduled on a CPU.

  • No ready thread means that there is no runnable thread in the system or all runnable threads are scheduled on other CPU.

  • Idle process and thread eliminates a special case for scheduler- with idle thread always in ready state.

  • Ideal thread leaves CPU when some other thread is found to run on CPU.

Question number: 678

» Database » Oracle



Is the Following Statement True or False?

These following parameters are optional in init. ora parameter file






  • Init. ora or the parameter file is a simple text file that can be update by a standard editor

  • Contains various initialization parameters used while starting a database instance.

  • Recovery manager (helps in data backup recovery process) does not backup parameter file or init. ora file.

  • DB_BLOCK_SIZE, PROCESSES parameter are most important part of init. ora parameter file.

  • The initialization parameter is most important part of the oracle database.


  • Is set to either 4k or 8k

  • Different from operating system block size.

  • Maximum value of DB_BLOCK_SIZE is 16 kb.

Processes Parameter

  • Determines maximum number of operating system process that can connect to oracle concurrently.

  • The value of processes parameter is 5 for background process.