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Question number: 704

» Basic CS » Networks

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What is multi-homed-host?


  • Host with multiple network interfaces requiring multiple IP addresses is called multi-homed host.

  • Physically connected to multiple data links on the same or different networks.

  • Using stream control transmission protocol (SCTP), multi-homing allows single SCTP endpoint to support multiple IP addresses allowing a session to survive a network failure.

  • In multi-homing, host name information is configured to allow all Internet addresses for a host to resolve to the same name- thus host has an official name and a number of aliases for the same host.

Question number: 705

» Database » Oracle

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Describe in Detail

What is cold backup and hot backup (in case of Oracle)?


Cold Backup:

  • Physical backup with all the files of a database copied without any change- avoids the risk of copying data

  • Image copy can be easily moved to another system having the same operating system.

  • Can be done to another disk on the server where the database resides.

  • Possible only when the database is down- not available to users to access.

  • An image copy of the database at a point in time.

  • Cannot be interrupted by a virus or intruder, and are immune to power surges and electrical interruptions.

  • Cold data backups prevent accidental overwrites or deletions.

Hot Backup:

  • Physical backup with the risk that during the hot backup the database is totally open and available to its users.

  • Dynamic or online backup- performed on data while the database is actively online and accessible to users.

  • Standard way of doing most database backups.

  • Can provide a convenient solution in multiuser systems because they do not require downtime, as cold backups do.

  • If a data loss failure does occur, the lost database files can be restored using the hot backup and the online and offline redo logs created since the backup was done.

  • Database is restored to the most consistent state without any loss of committed transactions.