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Question number: 708

» Database » Oracle



What is an ALERT?


Choice (4) Response


Modeless window


Modal window


All of the above


None of the above




  • Modal window messages are shown using ALERT in oracle.

  • They can display modal window, normal message, error message or asking confirmation to deleting a record or saving a record.

Three kinds of alert:

  • Good_Msg

  • Error_Msg

  • ASK_Alert

Three kinds of alert

Three Kinds of Alert

Three kinds of alert

  • Alert gives us an immediate view of the critical activity in database.

Types of alert:

  • Event based Alert:

    • Fired or trigger based on change in data in the database.

    • It can send the information related to the perticular item.

  • Periodic Alert:

    • Triggered hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly based on input.

    • Notify of data existence- even if no item are created which only provides blank notification.

Image of the Types of alert

Image of the Types of Alert

Image of the Types of alert

  • Alert actions available:

  • Send the retrieved information to someone in an email.

  • Run a concurrent program.

  • Run an operating script

  • Run a SQL statement script

Question number: 709

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What do you mean by stack unwinding?


  • When an exception is thrown, C++ calls destructors to destroy all the objects formed since the beginning of the try block. The objects are destroyed in the reverse order of their formation. This process is called Stack unwinding.

  • Unwinding during exception handling calls destructor for all local objects between the place where the exception was thrown and where it is caught.

  • Stack unwinding calls all destructors for all automatic objects constructed at run time when an exception is thrown.

Image of the stack unwinding

Image of the Stack Unwinding

Define the stack unwinding structure