3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 681 - 682 of 1245

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Question 681



SNAPSHOT is used for … .


Choice (4)


System server




Table space


Dynamic data




  • Snapshot is used for dynamic data.
  • Staged copy of the data in a data store used in one or more processes.
  • The storage statement is mostly used to speedily create point-in-time of data- valid “backup solution” .

Use of Snapshots

  • Easy network loads:
    • To reduce network load- use snapshots to distribute corporate data.
    • Efficient batch process from a single master site.
  • Mass deployment:
    • Temples to quickly and easily use snapshot environments to support mass deployment.
  • Disconnecting computing:
    • One of the solutions for sales applications running on a laptop.
    • A developer can integrate the duplicate management API for refresh on-demand into the sales application.

Question 682


Describe in Detail


RDBMS file system can be defined as


Understanding of RDBMS
  • In general a Database Management System (DMS) is a collection files and programs that allow users to access and modify data- providing convenient and efficient way to store, retrieve and modify information.
  • Application programs request DBMS to retrieve, modify, insert, delete data providing abstraction between the application programs and the file system.
  • Users interact with DBMS using structured query language.
  • Relational database management system is based on a relational database- RDBMS refers of the database program itself.
  • It is software that executes queries on the data, including adding, updating, and searching for values in a relational database.
  • RDMS also provided a visual representation of the data.
  • Relational database is one where data is organized in table.

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