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Question number: 722

» Basic CS » Networks

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What are major type of networks? Explain.


Two types of networks

  • Server-based network

  • Peer-to peer network

Server-based network

Understanding of server-based network

Understanding of Server-Based Network

Understanding of server-based network

  • The server is the central location- users share and access network resources.

  • Server controls the level of access for shared resources.

  • A node is a processing location like PC or networked printer.

  • Server OS designed to handle load, multiple client computers access server resources.

  • Star network


  • Shared data in one location- easy to back up critical business information.

  • One user account and password to log on to the server and to access shared resources.

Peer to peer network:

Understanding of peer to peer network

Understanding of Peer to Peer Network

Understanding of peer to peer network

  • Group of computers connected to each other allowing users to share resources and information.

  • No central location for authenticating users, storing files, or accessing resources.

  • Users log on to other computers to access the shared resources on that computer.

  • Difficult to track location of information- data is stored on multiple computers.

  • Multiple versions of the same file on different computers can cause confusion.

  • Mesh network

Question number: 723

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Is the following code legal?

  1. struct a
  2. {
  3.     int x;
  4.     struct a b;
  5. }


  • It is not legal for a structure to contain a member that is of the sametype as in this case.

  • Because this will cause the structure declaration to be recursive without end.

  • It is ok for structure to contain a pointer to itself.