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Question number: 801

» Database » MySQL

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What is Relationship set?


Understanding of relationship sets with example

Understanding of Relationship Sets with Example

Understanding of relationship sets with example

  • A relationship set is the set of all relationship instances that participates in any relationship, so as to define a relationship between various participating entity types.

  • For example, 2 entity types employee and department are related Via a relationship type ′ works for’.

Question number: 802

» Database » Oracle



With which function of a summary item in the COMPUTE AT option required?


Choice (4) Response




Standard deviation




% of Total function




Define item based on summary

Define Item Based on Summary

Define item based on summary

  • With % of Total function of a summary item the COMPUTE AT option is required.

  • The value of a column summarizes data on a record-by-record basis on the default report column, in the preceding example, where % total displays default tabular column.

  • The result of a column calculated as one final result appears once at the bottom of the report.

  • Unlike other columns a summary column are not selected from the database.

Ex. To find total sportswear sales for all months for each district. Use the TOTAL function to calculate the total sales. To see a total for each district, specify “district” as the dimension of the results.

LIMIT product TO ‘sportswear’

REPORT W 15 HEADING ‘Total Sale’ TOTAL (sale district)