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Question number: 805

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What is the output of the following program?

  1. void main ()
  2. {
  3.     int * i = 0 × 400;//i points to the address 400
  4.     i = 0//set the value of memory location pointed by i;
  5. }


In the program

Table shows the program

Table shows the program

int * i = 0 × 400;

  • Given the integer pointer i = 0 × 400

* i = 0;

  • This statement results in undefined behavior because it points to some location whose value may not be available for modification.

  • Pointer with non-availability of the implementation of the referenced location is known as ‘incomplete type’.

Question number: 806

» Basic CS » Networks

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

What is frame relay, in which layer it comes?


Given frame-relay network

Given Frame-Relay Network

Given frame-relay network

  • Frame relay is a packet switching technology.

  • Operates in the data link layer.

  • Connection is used for remote sites inside the same country or across different countries.

  • It is a WAN protocol- operating in physical and data link layer in OSI model.

  • Designed for use across Integrated Services Digital Network interfaces- but also over other network interfaces.

  • Packet-switched networks enable end stations to dynamically share the network medium and the available bandwidth.

Bellow techniques are used in packet-switching technology.

  • Variable-length packets

  • Statistical multiplexing