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Question number: 809

» Database » Oracle



Is the Following Statement True or False?

NOARCHIEVELOG parameter is used to enable the database in Archive mode




Define in NOARCHIVELOG mode


Define in NOARCHIVELOG mode

  • No, NOARCHIVELOG parameter is not used to enable the database in archive mode.

  • It disables the archive of the redo log.

  • It indicates that filled groups are not required to be archived.

    Impact of NOARCHIVELOG

  • NOARCHIVELOG mode protects a database from instance failure but not from media failure.

  • Media failure in NOARHIVELOG mode allows restoring the database to the point of most recent database backup.

  • Does not perform online tablespace backup, nor uses online tablespace backups taken while the database was in ARCHIVELOG mode.

  • A database in NOARCHIVELOG mode thus requires regular backup

Question number: 810

» Basic CS » Data Structures

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What is the data structure used to perform recursion?


  • Stack data structure is usually used to perform recursion.

  • Recursion is a function which calls itself with an argument.

  • A termination condition, the control returns to the calling function.

  • Stack is container of object where objects are inserted and removed according to LIFO.

  • Stacks allows two operations- push the item into the stack and pop the item out of the stack.

  • Recursion makes use of system stack to store the return address, arguments and return values of the function calls.

  • Some recursions can use the explicit program defined constructs.