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Question number: 813

» Database » MySQL

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What is Data Model?


Data models and retional data model

Data Models and Retional Data Model

Data models and retional data model

  • A Data Model is a logical structure of Database.

  • It describes the design of database to reflect entities, attributes, relationship among data, constrains etc.

Types of data models:

Object based logical Models – Describe data at the conceptual and view levels.

  • E-R Model

  • Object Oriented Model

Question number: 814

» Database » Oracle



Which of the following is TRUE

1. Host variables are declared anywhere in the program

2. Host variables are declared in the DECLARE section


Choice (4) Response


Only 2 is TRUE


1 & 2 are TRUE


1 & 2 are FALSE


Only 1 is TRUE




  • Host variable are data items defined a COBOL program.

  • Host variable is used to pass values to and receive values from a database.

  • Host variables can be defined in the File Section, Working-Storage Section, Local-Storage Section of the COBOL program.

  • Host variable declarations are embedded SQL statements “BEGIN DECLARE SECTION” and “END DECLARE SECTION”

Host Variable Are Used in Two Way:

Input host variables

  • Input host variables specify data that will be transfer from the COBOL program to the database.

Output host variables

  • Output host variables hold data that is returned to the COBOL program from the database.

When we use the host variable in a SQL statement before we must declare it.