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Question number: 851

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In a CLIENT/SERVER environment, which of the following would not be done at the client?


Choice (4) Response


User interface part


Responding to user events.


Data validation at entry line


None of the above




Understanding of client-server application.

Understanding of Client-Server Application.

Understanding of client-server application.

  • In the oracle database environment, the database application and the database are divided into client-server architecture.

    • The client runs the database application, for ex, SQL * Plus basic data entry program, that accesses database information and interacts with a user.

    • The server runs the oracle database software and shared data access to an oracle database

  • The client application and database can run on the same compute- however greater efficiency is achieved when the client portions and server portion are run by different computers.

Oracle client-server architecture provide following benefits:

  • Client applications are not responsible for performing data processing. The server present data using display capability of client.

  • The shared memory and multitasking facilities of its operating system.

  • Client application is not dependent on the physical location of data.

  • In networked environments, we can use client workstations to access the server effectively.