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Question number: 872

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

What are the advantages of inheritance?


  • The most frequent use of inheritance is for deriving classes using existing classes that provides reusability.

  • The existing classes remain unchanged.

  • With reusability, the development time of software is reduced.

  • Derived class extends the properties of base classes to generate more dominant objects.

  • The same base classes can used by a number of derived classes in class hierarchy.

  • When a class is derived from more than one class- every derived classes have similar properties to those of base classes- reusability.

Question number: 873

» Languages » Java

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

When applets are downloaded from web sites, a byte verifier performs ________?


  • When applets are downloaded from web sites, a byte verifier checks the status byte.

  • Status bytes are usually followed by one or more data bytes that provide the actual information to be implemented.

  • MIDI messages can be broken into two constituent parts: data bytes and status bytes.

  • The status byte of a MIDI message defines the type of information being sent.

  • They contain a MIDI channel, to specifically direct the information. A code tells the listening device the type of data.

  • This prepares the device to receive any one of the following eight fundamental types of MIDI data messages: Note Off, Note On, Polyphonic After touch, Control Change Program Change, Channel After touch, or System.

  • The final type, System, refers to system commands, system real time, or system exclusive commands – these are not addressed to individual MIDI channels and data bits used to specify MIDI channel are instead used to further specify the system message.