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Question number: 880

» Languages » Java

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Write in Short

What is a wrapper classes?


Define wapper classes hierarchy.

Define Wapper Classes Hierarchy.

Define wapper classes hierarchy.

  • Wrapper class object wraps or contains primitive data types.

  • Object to a wrapper class contains a field that stores a primitive data type.

Question number: 881

» Languages » Assembly Language

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Describe in Detail

A process is defined as


Given process control block.

Given Process Control Block.

Given process control block.

  • A process is an instance of an executing computer program.

  • Contains the program code and its current activity.

  • Note that a program is the passive collection of instruction, while a process is the actual execution of instructions.

  • Many processes can be associated with the same program.

  • A process can initiate a sub process, which is called a child.

  • A child process is a replica of the parent process sharing its resources, but dies with the parent.

  • Processes exchange information and synchronize operation using interprocess communication.

Question number: 882

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

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What is the difference between declaration and definition?


Difference between declaration and definition

Difference between declaration and definition



Declaration tells the compiler the type and nature of method.

Specifies the functionality of function.

Declaration specified with ‘extern’ will possibly be defined in another module.

Specified in ‘module’ the variable is rooted.

Declaration can be a forward declaration.

Definition is no longer a forward declaration

Variable exists.

Variable itself.