3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 881 - 882 of 1245

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Question 881


Describe in Detail


What is a keyword? State two keywords of C?


  • Keywords are words used in the language with special meaning and cannot be used by programmer for named entities like variables.
  • Below the list of keywords used in standard C are:

    auto double int struct

    break else long switch

    case enum register typedef

    char extern return union

    const float short unsigned

    continue for signed void

    default goto sizeof volatile

    do if static while

  • All 32 keywords are in lower case letters.
  • Keywords are reserved and cannot be redefined.
  • Below rules must be kept in mind when using keywords.
    • Keywords are case sensitive. For example, return is a keyword and it must be used as is.
    • So it cannot be used as Return, or RETURN.
    • The keywords have special meaning in the language and cannot be used for any other purpose such as constant name or variable name.

Question 882


Describe in Detail


What is the protocol used by server and client?


Java provides support for the two common network protocols:

  • TCP:
    • Transmission control protocol.
    • Allows for reliable communication between two applications.
    • TCP is typically used over the internet protocol, which is referred to as TCP/IP.
  • UDP:
    • It is user datagram protocol.
    • A connection-less protocol that allows for packets of data transmitted between applications.

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