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Question number: 928

» Languages » Java

Appeared in Year: 2004



A class can be converted to a thread by implementing the interface ________


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None of the above


Question does not provide sufficient data or is vague




  • A class can be converted to a Thread by implementing the Runnable Interface in the “java. lang” package.

  • To implement Runnable interface, a class needs only to implement a single method called run ().

  • Thread can be created by extending the Thread class also.

  • Since Java does not allow multiple inheritance- a class inheriting from Thread cannot inherit from any other class.

  • So it is always better to create a thread by implementing Runnable interface.

  • To run this implementation class, create a Thread object, pass Runnable implementation class object to its constructor.

  • Call start () method on thread class to start executing run () method.

  • Implementing Runnable interface does not create a Thread object, it only defines an entry point for threads in our object allowing us to pass the object to the Thread (Runnable implementation) constructor.

Question number: 929

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

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Write in Short

Who were the three famous amigos and their contribution to the object community?


  • The Three amigos namely,

    • James Rumbaugh (OMT): A veteran analysis with an idea about the objects and their Relationships (Associations).

    • Grady Booch: A design veteran with the idea about partitioning of systems into subsystems.

    • Ivar Jacobson (Objectory): The father of USECASES, describing the user and system interaction.