3i Infotech Placement: Sample Questions 904 - 906 of 1245

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Question 904



What is SQL ⚹ FORMS


Choice (4)


SQL ⚹ FORMS is a 4GL tool for developing & executing Oracle based interactive applications.


SQL ⚹ FORMS is a reporting tool


SQL ⚹ FORMS is a 3GL tool for connecting to the Database.


All of the above




Define What is SQL
  • It is a 4GL tool for developing & executing Oracle based interactive applications.
  • Oracle form is the part of oracle՚s developer package
  • Its easer version is called SQL ⚹ FORM
  • A Forms Builder is used to create applications to enter, access, change, or delete data from Oracle databases.
  • The forms runtime environment is needed to execute and compile forms modules.

Question 905


Write in Short

Short Answer▾

What are virtual functions?


  • A virtual function or virtual method is a function or method whose behaviour can be override within an inheriting class using a function with the same signature.
  • Non-static functions are considered as virtual by default unless they are make private or final in java classes.
  • Concept forms an important part of the “polymorphism” in object-oriented programming.

Question 906


Describe in Detail


What do you know about the garbage collector?


Understanding of Garbage Collection
  • It means unreferenced objects.
  • Process of reclaiming the runtime unused memory automatically.
  • It is a way to destroy the unused objects.
  • We using free () function in C language and delete () in C ++ .
  • It is performed automatically in Java- Java thus provides better memory management.

Advantages of Garbage Collection

  • Make java memory efficient because garbage collector removes the unreferenced objects
  • It automatically done by the garbage collector.
  • So we don՚t need to make extra efforts.
Advantages of Garbage Collection

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