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Question 924



Sequence of events takes place while starting a database is


Choice (4)


Database opened, file mounted, and instance started


Instance started, database mounted, and database opened


Files mounted, instance started, & database opened


Database opened, instance started, and file mounted




Steps of Sequence of Events Take Place Starting Database

Instance Started

We perform preliminary steps before attempting to start an instance of database using SQL ⚹ Plus.

1. Start SQL ⚹ Plus without connecting to the database:


2. Connect to oracle as SYSDBA:

CONNECT username/password AS SYSDBA.

We are connected to oracle and ready to start up an instance of database.

Database Mounted

  • Some forms of recovery require that the database be opened in mount stage.
  • To put the database in mount stage, use the startup mount command:

    SQL > startup mount

  • We have started the database instance with the startup nomount command, we might change it from the nomount to mount startup stage using the database command:

    SQL > alter database mount

Database Opened

  • We just use the startup command:

    SQL > tartup

  • If database is mounted, we can open it with the alter database open command: SQL > alter database open;

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