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Question number: 989

» Languages » Java

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How can you know about drivers and database information?


  • Java API contains the class DriverManager and the interface Driver in java. sql package.

  • This class provides information about the drivers and database to connect.

Question number: 990

» Languages » C & C Plus Plus

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What is an object?


Understanding of object, its properties and its methods.

Understanding of Object, Its Properties and Its Methods.

Understanding of object, its properties and its methods.

  • Object is created from a class.

  • Objects of a class are declared in same way as variables of basic types.

  • When a class is defined, no memory is allocated but when it is instantiated memory is allocated.

Declaring object:

  • When a class is defined, only the specification for the object is defined; no memory or storage is allocated.

  • To use the data and functions in the class, we need to create objects.


ClassName ObjectName;

Question number: 991

» Languages » Java

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Why do we use oops concepts? What are its advantages?


Parts of OOP in image

Parts of OOP in Image

Parts of OOP in image

  • OOPs Stands for object oriented programing using concepts of classes and objects.

  • OOP example is c++ and java.


  • Provides modular structure useful for defining abstract datatypes.

  • Encapsulation hides implementation details and provides classes a clearly defined interface.

  • Makes it easy to maintain and modify existing code inside the classes as long as interface remains unchanged.

  • Provides framework for libraries supplied components to adapt and modify.

  • Particularly useful for developing graphical user interfaces.